The Wild Trekkers Lodge provides an ideal venue for lush garden wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, high table lunches, rehearsals and also provides a romantic destination for those who just got married. The honeymooners will have a choice of a spacious bridal suite or any of our superior and smartly designed guest rooms ideal for a private retreat.

The lodge staff will help in wedding planning to make it a success by providing or giving advice on the necessary and numerous planning tools and materials to meet your needs including menu design, food preparation, decor and seating arrangements.  Our professional staff ensures that the wedding event is handled expertly to make it a memorable and unforgettable ceremony.

Other special events

The Wild Trekkers Lodge is also ideal special events and based on past experiences these have included:

  • Church retreats
  • Birthday parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Cocktail parties
  • School retreats/trips at primary, secondary and tertiary levels

Planning & execution

The moment you submit a request for proposal to Wild Trekkers, the lodge assigns a staff member who helps you plan for every obligation and need, even the unexpected ones. The staff member will also assist in working out an appropriate and affordable budget.