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Superior Double Room | Victoria Falls

Wild Trekkers Lodge Victoria Falls

The Room in Victoria Falls

A superior hotel room in Victoria Falls Accommodation is perfectly equipped for traveling couples or friends. These rooms are very bright, spacious and they are available with either queen beds. The interior is made with warm palette tons of walls and furniture. These rooms will have two double beds placed side by side a few feet apart. Families of five can take this room. A group of four friends may also choose the two beds. These rooms are usually equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, couch, desk & chair, huge wardrobe, and bathroom with either choice of a bath or shower.

The Guest

Great choice for traveling couples or friends interested in relaxed time spending in Victoria Falls. The superior double room is ideal for a brief stay of up to a few days. It doesn’t contain a kitchen, so guests can’t cook their own meals. You may order breakfast to come with the room or any type of meal any time as we close the kitchen very late.

The bathroom is offset from the beds & is located near the entrance of the room. All our bathrooms are equipped with towels, floor mats, water cups, soap, shampoo, and body lotion.

Hoping to whip up your usual breakfast smoothies in the room? A blender will not be provided. You may pack some basic shelf-stable foods and supplies such as coffee grounds, tea bags, oatmeal packets and canned soups to prepare in the room. Frozen meals are also handy for a stay at our lodge. Our friendly staff will be on call to assist you with anything you may require.

Reservations For Victoria Falls Accommodation

The lodge manager also takes up residence at the lodge with her family. Feel free to select a room you prefer and place your reservation. Please remember to check out the Activities page so we can pre-book you as well. We look forward to having you over.

For honeymoons we have special propositions and services which may find out via direct contact.



Prices start at: $129 per night

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  1. We remained satisfied with our rooms since all amenities listed on the site corresponded to what we had.

  2. Luxurious room with amazing window view and comfortable furniture. Staff is the best!

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